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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Update on WDXD progress

Since receiving our construction permit on Feb.6, I have kicked into high gear to get the station built. The studios are coming along nicely, with the control room near completion. Wiring of the production studio is nearly done, with the layout of this area next on the list.

 Fundraising also is continuing as we work to reach our $6k goal. This is to help with the costs of the transmitter, antenna, EAS, and tower. The tower itself is funded, but not the cost of parts and installation.

I am setting a goal of June 15 for signing the LPFM on the air.

If you can help, please call me at (850) 877-4641 or email alanmccal@hotmail.com.

Thank you for your support. 

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Thursday, March 13, 2014

We have raised our first $1,000

During the month of February we received donations totaling $1,029. One of our donors got things off to a good start by donating $500!

At this point we have acquired through contributions or purchase our building, the majority of the studio control room equipment, most of the production room equipment, an EdenPure heater for the building, an AC unit, kitchenette equipment and shelving for the music library.

Still needed are the transmitter and antenna (about $4400), a 170 foot tower (estimates vary), and an EAS CAP compliant box ($2500).These are the must-have items.

Our primary computer needs updating. Our default computer and the hard drive with a back-up music library and automation will total arou d $3000. This is for our authorized 24 hour operation.

If you can help, please make a contribution to Delta Star Radio, 2625 Doll Place, Tallahassee, FL 32311. All contributions go to the construction of WDXD-LP.

Thank you! Let's buikd a new radio station! 

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Monday, February 10, 2014

LPFM construction permit granted!

After a long time of waiting, I am delighted to share the news that the Federal Communications Commission has approved the application for an LPFM radio station. We will be WDXD-LP with 33 watts on 101.9.

Studio construction has begun. We will also be putting up our own tower, so there is penty of work ahead of us.

WDXD will continue the cou try/ classic cou try format, but on a bigger scale. It will be much easier for people to find us on the FM radio than it as been as Internet only.

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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Updates on everything..

I used to be really good about writing in my blog when I had my first blog back in 2006. These days, I guess there's too much on my plate to write every day..or maybe I'm just less disciplined than I used to be!

The eye exams were less than fun. I had a regular eye exam by my opthamologist. He then referred me to a retina specialist. Now that test..whooee. They did an ultrasound on my right eye, which was accomplished by putting a gel in it, and then taking the pics. My eye felt like it was five pounds.

When I have to have my eyes dilated, I basically can't do anything for the rest of that day. No reading, no work. Everything is too blurry.

The test results did show the cataracts that I have always had. My vision is 20/400 and now there is a floater is my right eye, but they have declared it benign as dar as they can tell. They found no retinal detachment, thank God. Friends, I was a nervous wreck for about two weeks while all this was going on.

Now that the application for the LPFM is filed, I am doing a lot of production, adding music to the library and bulking ip for 24 hour operation on FM. The inevitable question I ask myself is this:

What if I don't win the LPFM?

 In that case, I am going to build out the Part 15 AM station fully with the iAM transmitter and outdoor ATU to try to at least cover the Lafaterre community. I will do radio at that level and no more. No more pursuing a terrestrial station or trying to get back into a business that doesn't seem to need me any longer. In other words, it is LPFM, or I am retired for good. The Part 15 would be my way of keeping busy. I like internet radio, but I don't know if I can afford to keep doing it if there is not more financial support for doing so. I am underwhelmed by the financial support part of the equation. It could come down to running either LPFM or Part 15 AM and dropping the stream unless some better sponsors step up to the plate.

So now it's a waiting period to see where things go with LPFM.

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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

I'm having some eye exams..

This fall I became awate of an eye floater in my right eye. Because I already have congenital cataracts, and the floater is in my better eye, I became concerrned enough to schedule an appointment with my opthamologist.

He examined me this past Friday. Matter of fact,two other ladies also did some sight exams before the doctor came in.

I am legally blind with 20/400 vision. The doctor examined me for signs of something else that might be happening, but eventually said he could not see anything. However, he referred me to a retina specialist for an additional testing. That exam is this Thirsday, October 31. Frankly, I am feeling apprehensive. I have never liked doctors or exams.

So please say a little prayer for me if you will. 

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